I started radio in the early 1980’s on KMET in LA.  I then worked at Universal Studios in Paint Dept.  and painted props and scenery backgrounds. Went back to school and became a Flight Paramedic and ACLS Instructor.  I then worked in media, promotions and advertising sales. I bought a nightclub and married my bartender […]

Henry Papa "B"s Side Kick

Frank's passion for timeless classic rock drives the variety and energy of his show, "Frank's Juke Box." Encouraging listener requests, he aims to capture the spirit of a jukebox by playing a mix of classic rock and other genres enjoyed by all generations. Frank recognized the station's vital role in providing community service to Ocean Shores. As an Ocean Shores city council liaison to the KOSW radio board, Frank continues to contribute to the station's mission and impact on the community.

Greg Carter a.k.a. Shipwreck a lifelong Washington resident. Semi retired from library Maintenace. Currently Ebay selling Beach Bum.

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