“Dr. Dave”

KOSW Sports Personality
My name is Dave Hughes and I became a permanent resident of Ocean Shores in June of 2016. My wife, Debra and I  chose Ocean Shores due to our lifetime of family vacations here, at the beach. We moved here from North Dakota where she worked as a school counselor for the last five years. I served in the U.S. Army for four years, prior to starting a 29 year career with the King County Sheriff’s office. This year marks my tenth year of retirement. My hobbies include golf, some photography (very amateur), watching old westerns and cop shows on TV. What lured me to KOSW was my love of football. Tommy T invited me to the Sportzilla Show due to my knowledge of the game. I have been in one Fantasy Football league or another for thirty five years. I am intrigued with this radio endeavor and I am still looking forward to what may come of this.