KOSW Personality, Saturday Segue, Saturdays 9am-11am

Byron Canfield, who hails from the era of graphics and publishing when there was no such thing as a personal computer, is a veteran graphic designer, typographer, and computer geek.

He has been involved in web development since the early-‘90s, when the world-wide-web was still a small amoeba-like critter barely able to crawl out of the primordial digital slime.

He transitioned into computer programming as the Lead Flash Developer for a company called Headsprout, that developed a Flash/ColdFusion-based on-line program for taking a 4 to 7-year-old non-reader to mid-second grade reading level in 30 hours of instruction.

Byron is now the sole priprietor and imaginary ruler of a computer repair, service, and training company, ExperTech (since 2013), and has been a resident of Ocean Shores since early 2017.

Besides countless hours spent in his 2-car refrigerator/sauna (depending on season) making odd-shaped pieces of wood round on his wood lathe, some of his favorite pastimes are collecting slug trails and moth dust, and thoroughly confusing and poking fun at small defenseless animals.