KOSW is a city owned all volunteer, 24/7, non-profit, low power FM radio station.

Our DJ’s have the freedom to express their musical genres which allows KOSW to be very diversified in the type of programming it provides. KOSW is Ocean Shores Emergency Information station and serves the community with an automated Emergency Alert System (EAS).  KOSW is proud to be able to serve the community of Ocean Shores with live and recorded City, and Community events along with supporting The North Beach High School Hyaks broadcasting their Football and Basketball games live.

The Morning Show every Monday through Friday provides local information, news and guest interviews with city officials and community personalities. All opinions expressed by our DJ’s or our guests is their own personal opinions and not that of KOSW.

Although KOSW is a low power radio station @ 100 watts we stream live 24/7 @ world wide where ever internet is available.

Periodically throughout the year KOSW promotes contests supported by our local businesses please check our contest page for the current information.

Even though the City of Ocean Shores funds KOSW to ensure that we stay on the air, KOSW depends on local business, and our listeners support for upgrading equipment, improve programming, and general operations to better serve our community. Donations are Greatly Appreciated, there is a Donate button at the bottom of each page. KOSW Thanks you for your contribution and support.

Thank you for tuning to KOSW 91.3 FM and please visit our KOSW facebook site for additional information.

Butch Larson, KOSW Station Program Manager