2019 Roadside Vegetation Control

Ocean Shores, WA – May 06, 2019 – The City of Ocean Shores has contracted with
Woodland Resources Services, Inc, a licensed commercial applicator, to facilitate the
annual roadside herbicide treatment. Work activities are scheduled to begin the week
of May 20, 2019. The work is weather dependent and as a result is subject to change.
The objective of annual application is to preserve a vegetation free strip of gravel
shoulder adjacent to the pavement consistent with the WSDOT Integrated Roadside
Vegetation Management Plan.
In 2018, the City initiated a process for provide property owners the opportunity to
maintain the City right of way in lieu of herbicide application. If you would prefer to
maintain the City right of way as an alternative to having herbicide placed at the edge of
pavement, please complete the form posted at or contact John
Wagner at (360) 289-2824 to obtain a copy of the agreement. Completed agreement
forms can be emailed to or delivered to the Permit Office located
at 801 Minard Avenue NW. Forms must be received by noon on May 17, 2019 to
ensure staff has enough time to place markings at the subject property.


The City of Ocean Shores Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants in the south
eastern areas of the City in June.  Work will be conducted from Pearsall St. NE to
Wakina Loop SE on June 11 th and 12 th and from Wakina Loop SE to Mt. Olympus Ave.
SE on June 25 th and 26 th . It is common for flushing activities to stir up sediment in the
water lines surrounding the work areas. We recommend that you do not use hot water
during the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM on the days shown above. If you experience
discoloration of your water, please run the COLD water tap for a few minutes until it
clears. If you must use hot water during flushing operations, we strongly recommend
flushing your hot water tank after our operations are complete.
A map of the work area can be viewed at If you have any questions or
require additional information please contact us by phone at 289-4210 or email at
Advertisement date: June 6, 2019

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Crystal L. Dingler, Mayor

City of Ocean Shores

PO Box 909

Ocean Shores, WA  98569

t (360)289-3099 x106

c (360) 581-5386


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


Public Information Officer Sgt. David McManus

577 Pt. Brown Ave NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
(360) 289-3331 FAX 289-3333

The Ocean Shores Police Department wants to warn citizens that there appears to be a
cougar living in the area of the Weatherwax Property.
The Weatherwax Property is a large parcel of undeveloped woodland in the center of
Ocean Shores. It features a series of hiking trails that are very popular with local residents
and visitors alike.
On February 10, a citizen reported finding a dead deer in the Weatherwax Property, and
he believed that the wounds looked like they were caused by a cougar.
On February 12, an Officer from the Department of Fish & Wildlife checked the carcass
and confirmed that it was indeed killed by a cougar. He informed our Animal Control
Officer that it appeared to be the work of a young cougar.
Anyone walking in the Weatherwax Property are cautioned to pay attention to their
surroundings, to keep all pets on a leash and keep a close eye on small children. Experts
say that cougars are very unlikely to attack humans, especially in a place like Ocean
Shores where natural food sources are plentiful.
If anyone has any questions or concerns, please call the Department of Fish & Wildlife at

Tsunami Information:

Southwest Washington Tsunami Inundation Hazard Maps
Newly Published: Southwest Washington Tsunami Inundation Hazard Maps

Washington State DNR released new Tsunami Inundation Hazard Maps for Southwest Washington on Monday, March 26th, 2018. These maps are a bit different than previous tsunami inundation mapping. Previous inundation mapping was based upon the last Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake from 1700 AD. This new study and modeling is based upon a simulated 2500 year event, from a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. This event produces a farther reaching tsunami inundation scenario.
Although the 2500 year event brings more tsunami inundation, the response from all people along the coast is the same.
Once you feel the earthquake, DROP, COVER and HOLD ON until the ground shaking stops and then move to high ground immediately, whether it is a multi-story home, business, tower, or up a hillside. DO NOT attempt to run from the interior of a building during the earthquake as it increases your chances for injury. Always wait until the ground stops shaking. Remember, there WILL be aftershocks. DO NOT leave your place of safe haven unless someone in authority tells you it is ok to leave. You should stay in place for at least 2 full tidal cycles. (nearly 24 hours)

** Aftershocks may produce additional tsunami waves in coastal areas

The first tsunami waves (a minimum of 4 are expected) will arrive within 15-25 minutes following the quake.

Wave heights along the beaches will vary depending on the bathymetry of the coastline however the amount and level of inundation is our greatest concern. WA State DNR provided Grays Harbor Emergency Management some approximate inundation depths for this 2500 year event for our coastal areas.
Ocean City:
Screamin’ Eagle Campground: 45.1 ft.
Ocean Shores:
Spinnaker Park: 28.5 ft.
Bill’s Spitt (Peninsula Ct SE): 4.7 ft.
Elks Lodge: 21.1 ft.
Point Brown Ave at E Chance a La Mer NE roundabout: 27.2 ft.
Westport Viewing Tower: 12.5 ft.
W Ocean Ave roundabout: 18.4 ft.
Westport City Park: 6.5 ft.
Beachcomber Grocery and Deli: 26.2 ft.
Security State Bank: 22.2 ft.
Areas of deepest on-land inundation
North Jetty (Ocean Shores): 67 ft.
Damon Point (Ocean Shores): 61 ft.
Ocean City: 57 ft.

This is a model of a predicted event. There is a possible difference of +/- 30% to 40%, of the values in this study. Mankind has never been able to predict the timing of an occurrence, size of the earthquake or devastation caused by an earthquake and the possible resulting tsunami.
The modeling takes into account mean high tide and subsidence (4-6 feet). If we are at low tide when the tsunami arrive, the event will have a reduced impact, however, if we are at higher tides (King Tides, Higher Astronomical Tides), the event could have a greater impact.
For a large earthquake and tsunami event, such as this modeled event, there is the possibility of PREQUAKES, the main 9.0 Earthquake and hundreds of AFTERSHOCKS, some potentially capable of producing additional tsunami waves.
Your actions are exactly the same for any felt earthquake along the coast – MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND! The earthquake DOES NOT have to reach a magnitude 9.0 to produce a tsunami.